12 September 2023
We are pleased to announce this year's finalists and winners of the Culture Tech Challenge in the categories of ART and MUSIC. 



Idonaba Zealous, Nigeria

I was born in Nigeria. I am an artist specialised in pencil drawing, digital artworks and animation. Drawing is my passion so it doesn't matter what medium I use; my works are highly detailed and I have a very active imagination for my illustrations, so I tend to capture emotions in my works. I am a professional artist and my works span a variety of mediums, but I am best known for pencil drawing. my job In my digital artwork, "my father's land," I use the faces inside the Nigerian map to represent my country and its culture. I also enjoyed fiddling with the background to highlight the beauty of my nation and its people.

Our way of life is a digital college I made with free image's (no copyright). The artwork exhibit Nigeria culture as a mother breastfeeding her child which illustrate how we survive and lived by our culture.

The details of the collage images are different aspect of the Nigerian culture e.g. our food, artifact, dressing and music etc We live and survive by this way of life just like a baby and breastfeeding.

Our Way Of Life - Idonaba Zealous
Title: Our Way Of Life



Wang Zhuoqui, Du Qingxi

Dan Li

Yilipan Aikeaber

Ji Linguan

Youjiu Culture

Orange orange, Cheng Jingyao

Zhou Zixuan

Sarah Ortegon




ArtsDAO Yuan Orchestra, China (WINNER)
Ruge is produced by ArtsDAO Yuan Orchestra, with lyrics/composition/singing: Lv Ying; arranger/producer: Zhang Fan; drummer: Zhang Chi.

This is an affectionate song, which penetrates the base of life, touches the soul, and brings people calmness and sentiment. Artsdao Yuan Orchestra is a professional band with creative strength and excellent resources, and it is also the first NFT original band in China.

Lv Ying: Director, screenwriter and independent artist; The first batch of pioneer experimental musicians in China, the founder of "Shaanxi Opera Rock".

Zhang Fan: Excellent modern music arranger and producer, the godfather of the enlightenment in Xi 'an music industry.

Zhang Chi: A professional drummer and an independent musician.

Submission Statement
Life is like a song, a wordless song, When the song ends and people disperse, what is left? Time is like a song, a silent song, When the song ends and people disperse, only this song remains. Who is singing this song, who is singing in the dark, Who forgot this song, letting the soul fill with loneliness. Sing a soulful song, permeating the color of the night, Time silently passes through, only leaving this song. This ancient song, in sync with joys and sorrows, Singing the song of life, singing the song that belongs to oneself, Time silently passes through, leaving this song behind.


Duan Wei, China (WINNER)
To the south of Yunnan, there lives an ancient and mysterious branch of the Yi people, Nisu, where there are many beautiful flower-waist girls, who are ingenious and good at singing and dancing. One of them is Shuiluoyisha …

In front of the tiled house where the smoke curled up, Isa danced in a colorful pleated skirt. Although I didn't understand her language, her pure and tactful voice seemed to make people deeply intoxicated with ancient magic. The ancient and simple note of "Ceroni Sai" contained the memories of Yi people from generation to generation and echoed melodiously in the valleys and forests …

At that time, when I was young, I had never seen such a delicate face or such clear eyes. Isa's ethereal voice and graceful dance were unforgettable for life, and her sweet smile also made people forget the worldly worries, so I wrote this song "Isami Language", in which there are some sweet words I want to say to you …

Free people
Free souls
Kind people
Kind souls
Only you can light up my heart
(Only you can ignite my passion)
Only you can stop me from wandering
(Only you can let me see hope)
Sai-lo-li-sai Say love to say
Sai-lo-li-sai Say love to say
Sad people
Will no longer be sad
Wandering people
Will no longer wander
You use a clear fragrance
To soothe the scars in my heart
You use the heritage of Bimo
To guide my confused soul
Sai-lo-li-sai Say love to say
Sai-lo-li-sai Say love to say
Sai-lo-li-sai Say love to say
Sai-lo-li-sai Say love to say
Beautiful girl
Please accompany my life
Beautiful girl
I leave my youth for you
Beautiful girl
Please accompany my life
Beautiful girl
I leave my youth for you

Title: Yi sha mi Yu


Cai muqi Cais

Wang Neijing

Chai Haoyuan / Inspirata

Yao Rui & There is Light in August

Garuba Isa Green

Ys Yisi

Liu Chen

Zhang Xiaopin

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